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The Delta Charlie DX Groups Home Page
The Delta Charlie DX Group needs one of the members
to take over as the chairman of the group
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 1.  Each member must operate in accordance with the CB laws of        the country as set  by the secretary of state in the CB licence .

 2. Each member must treat fellow radio users with respect and courtesy at all times.

 3. The PO BOX must only be used for LEGAL material and purposes linked to the Club.

 4. Each member must promise to QSL 100 % . This means if you receive a card from a contact on the radio that you send one back .

 5. It is the chairman's hope that the club will run smoothly and grow and that nonmembers will bring the clubs name into disrepute .

6. The Chairman is responsible for the running of the club and how it is run . All final decisions with regards to development and changes will Ultimately be made by him . The general feeling of members and legalities will always be considered .

   Failure to comply with the above criteria will result in the offending members instant dismissal from the club . However please note this will be at the chairman's discretion and evidence of a breach will need to be provided to the him before any action is taken .

Anyone wishing to join the club must contact the chairman
at the following address by sending a self addressed envelope to

No applications will be taken at this time

An application form will then be sent to the enquirer or
alternatively can be filled in online

By filling in an online application you agree to abide by the clubs guidelines.

   CB is a form of radio communication that was legalized in 1981. At this stage a licence is required to operate . However this may be completely abolished in Summer 2004 .
    The hobby of DXING ( trying to contact radio stations that are a long way away ) is great fun . This often depends on the atmospheric conditions being just right .Otherwise known as skip or sporadic E . When the conditions are right , talking to somebody long distance is quite possible .

     People then exchange cards with each other and collect them . ( QSL CARDS ) There are people who have collected thousands . The club is designed so that members have a PO BOX address that people can send cards and correspond with them safely. The use of the PO BOX provides this security .

     If you would like to buy a CB or are interested please contact the Radio Licence Centre through the links page . We have here a very friendly close knit club and would love to invite any other CB enthusiasts to join .


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