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Club Announcements
The Delta Charlie Dx Group Is Ready
To QSL With The Whole Of Europe
As We Launch Our Euro 2004 Competition "  

Club Announcements

        At this stage the chairman does not feel that a committee is necessary !
There is no reason for a committee to be in place as we are not a company or government agency !

       There have been a few who disagree with this feeling that the chairman will make all the decisions by himself .

       That is not the case there will be meetings with all group members which will help the chairman guide the club with all the group members  taken into account before any decision is made .

       The chairman Pete DC 01
can be contacted on his mobile phone, 07881 448681   At all times.

Card and Photo Designed by PHIL  DC 05

Withdrawal of the 40 UK-only CD channels

  At its peak, there were 300,000 CB licences in the UK. However, use of the CB radio frequencies has declined, and the number of CB licences on issue has fallen to under 24,000. Currently there are 80 CB channels available: 40 UK-only channels and 40 pan-European channels. The present level of CB use, which is steadily declining, does not justify the retention of all 80 channels. RA therefore proposes to close the 40 UK-only channels. To prevent this closure causing major inconvenience, we propose to give a minimum seven years' notice of this closure. This means the closure date will be 30 June 2010. RA therefore proposes to modify the UK Radio Interface Requirement IR2027 to remove the 40 UK-only channels. This will become effective on 30 June 2010.

UK and EU channels for CB radio use

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